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In the digital era, YouTube stands as a colossal repository of videos, encompassing everything from educational tutorials to entertainment spectacles. But there are moments when streaming isn't feasible or we simply wish to save our favorite content for offline viewing. This is where the art of downloading videos from YouTube becomes invaluable. As the internet's premier video platform continues to grow exponentially, the need to access content offline has never been more pressing. This article is your ultimate guide, unraveling the mysteries of how to legally and efficiently download videos from YouTube. We delve into various methods, tools and tips to help you navigate this process seamlessly, ensuring that your favorite videos are just a click away, even without an internet connection. Let’s look together at the 7 steps. 


Certainly, I can extend the steps for your article based on the scenario of using a YouTube Premium subscription to download videos. It's important to note, however, that YouTube Premium's terms of service should be carefully reviewed and adhered to. Additionally, the ability to transfer downloaded videos from the YouTube app to your phone's library is not a feature provided by YouTube Premium. Downloads are meant to be viewed within the YouTube app and are typically not transferable. With this in mind, here's an extended version of the steps. 

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YouTube, the colossal video platform, is like a universe of content at your fingertips. Whether you're into hilarious cat videos, breathtaking travel vlogs or educational documentaries, YouTube's got it all. The app itself is a free ticket to this entertainment galaxy. You can browse, search and watch an endless stream of videos, upload your own masterpieces and interact with creators and communities worldwide. With features like creating playlists, casting to your TV and getting recommendations based on your watch history, it's like having a personal video concierge in your pocket. 


But wait, there's more! Enter YouTube Premium – it's like upgrading to first class. As of my last update in April 2023, YouTube Premium costs around $11.99 per month in the US. This VIP pass offers an ad-free experience, so you can watch videos without those pesky interruptions. Dreaming of listening to your favorite vlogs while jogging or cooking without keeping the YouTube app open?  Background play has got you covered . And let's not forget the golden feature – downloading videos for offline viewing. This is perfect for those times when you're stuck on a plane or in a spot with sketchy internet. Plus, you get access to YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Originals, adding more value to your subscription. 

Steps on How To Download YouTube videos

  1. Open the YouTube App: Begin by launching the YouTube application on your smartphone. Ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  2. Subscribe to YouTube Premium: Navigate to the account section in the YouTube app and look for the option to subscribe to YouTube Premium. New users usually can try YouTube Premium for one month free of charge. Keep in mind that this subscription will auto-renew after the trial period, so be sure to keep track of the renewal date.
  3. Search for Videos: Once you've activated your YouTube Premium subscription, use the search function within the app to find the videos you wish to download. You can search by video title, channel or keywords related to the content you're looking for.
  4. Download Your Selected Videos: For each video you want to download, click on the 'Download' button found beneath the video player. Choose the desired video quality for your download. The video will then be saved within the YouTube app for offline viewing.
  5. Access Your Downloads in the Library: To view your downloaded videos, navigate to the 'Library' tab in the YouTube app. Here, you'll find a 'Downloads' section containing all the videos you've saved for offline viewing. These videos can be watched anytime, anywhere, without an internet connection.
  6. Download the Video to your Phone: It is important to note that YouTube Premium does not allow the transfer of downloaded videos to your phone's library or any other device. The downloaded content is only accessible within the YouTube app.
  7. Manage Your Subscription: If you do not wish to continue with YouTube Premium beyond the free trial, make sure to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends. This way, you can avoid any charges. Remember, once your subscription lapses, you may lose access to the videos you downloaded.

Awareness of Sketchy Apps

You know the drill - you're scrolling through the web or your app store and stumble upon these apps or websites claiming, "Download YouTube videos here! Easy and free!" Hold up right there. While it's tempting to jump on these offers, let's hit the pause button and think. These third-party downloaders can be like those sketchy back alleys in movies – you never know what you're walking into. They might seem convenient, but they often come with a baggage of risks, like violating YouTube's terms of service or worse, putting your device's security in jeopardy.  


Now, let's talk real. Many of these apps and websites are playing risky games. They might not only be breaking YouTube's rules but could also be a front for malware or shady adware. Think about it – you're handing over access to your device on a silver platter. And what do you get in return? Maybe a video download, along with some unwanted 'extras' like viruses or intrusive ads that make your digital life a headache. Plus, there's the legal side of things. Downloading content without proper rights is a no-go zone. It's like nabbing a chocolate bar from the store without paying – not cool and definitely not legal. 


So, we've taken a deep dive into the world of YouTube, exploring everything from the vibrant array of content available on the free app to the enhanced experience of YouTube Premium. Whether you're a casual viewer or a dedicated fan, YouTube offers a way to keep your favorite videos close, even offline. Remember, while YouTube Premium comes at a cost, it brings a suite of perks like ad-free viewing, background play and most importantly, the ability to download videos legally and safely.  


As we close this guide, let's not forget a word of caution about those third-party downloaders. They're often more trouble than they're worth, potentially breaching YouTube's terms and risking your device's security. Stick to the official routes and you'll enjoy a world of videos at your fingertips, hassle-free and within the right side of the law. YouTube, in all its glory, is ready to accompany you on your daily commutes, long flights or cozy nights in. Enjoy the journey! 

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